A Better Me

Sarah and Ciera have celebrated 2 years together in the Big Sisters program, and man have they covered a lot of ground! When it comes to variety in activities and visits, these two take the cake. From tie dye t-shirts to kitchen camp-outs, these two have done a lot! But, their impressive list of activities is not their coolest feature. It’s the impact that their relationship has had on each other.

For Sarah, Ciera has become a special friendship in her life. So special that even though Sarah has accepted a job over an hour away from Niagara, she and Ciera’s grandma have agreed to meet half way to make visits continue to work.

For Ciera, there is even more to it. Ciera tells others that she and Sarah are sisters. When explaining how important Sarah is to her, she recalled a game she played in french class where the teacher asks questions and you had to stand if your answer is yes. The teacher asked people to stand if they have a sister and Ciera stood up. She asked her teacher if her sister (Sarah) counts, and the teacher said yes.

Since the match began, Ciera’s grandma has found that Ciera has been “more at peace with herself.” She went on to explain that Ciera has also been taking more of a leadership role at school and has found that her teachers have commented on how much she has improved both in the classroom and with her peers. What an accomplishment!

The ripple effects that this friendship or sisterhood, rather, have had are remarkable. The impact and growth that has happened personally for Sarah and Ciera and the impact that it has in their lives as well as in their circles is simply beautiful.

Cally Wins The Ted Rogers Scholarship!

One of the Littles from our agency, Cally Kokoski, was the recipient of the Ted Rogers Scholarship in the amount of $10,000.00!

You may remember Cally from this inspiring story we shared a few months back. She is incredible.

We put together this little video to showcase what some of Cally’s closest peers and teachers think about her, and why she was deserving of this honour.
The goal of the scholarship is to ensure the success of future generations of Canadians by helping young leaders across the country succeed in their educational aspirations. Cally is already a young leader, and surely has an incredibly bright future ahead!
Congratulations, Cally!

Choir Nation: Tomorrow’s Voices!

One of the Littles from our agency, Julian, recently had the opportunity to be a part of an incredible new initiative in Niagara called Tomorrow’s Voices!

Tomorrow’s Voices, a choir composed of 35 kids between seven and 17 who have been recruited from Niagara groups such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Community Care and the DSBN Academy. Tomorrow’s Voices aims to open the doors to music and choir to all kids — regardless of social barriers.

It’s been a busy year for Tomorrow’s Voices, including sharing a stage with Serena Ryder, Dallas Smith and performing the national anthem at a Toronto Marlies game.

On Saturday, June 9th, Julian and Tomorrow’s Voices performed their first ever season finale concert, officially putting a bow on season 1 of this initiative!

Photo credit: Courtney Michaud

Spring Picnic 2018

Happy Monday!! Last week, BBBS celebrated our Spring Picnic event! It was a beautiful day filled with sun, fun and laughs ☀️ Thank you to our sponsors: Butler Funeral Home, Virgil Fire Department And Niagara Car Club!