A Big Voice

Everyone has a voice. Everyone has influence. We train everyone who engages in our programs in these things. Our Littles know that they have a voice, and it is always their choice if they use it. Both for good as well as anything negative. One of our Big Sister matches has taken this even further.

Last month, one of our very own Littles entered into her school’s public speaking competition. Not only did she crush her school presentation and win the public speaking contest, she did so well that she made it to the regional competition! She even memorized the entire speech!

Not only is that accomplishment exciting, the even more incredible part is that when this Little first came to the agency, she was experiencing a lot of change at home and really struggled with self-regulation when she was angry. This really impacted her social and relational abilities. Now, almost two years later, she is entering into public speaking competitions and really succeeding! She has also developed a strong, positive relationship with her Big, who is always trying new and exciting activities.

Her Big spoke so proudly of her and was excited to be able to attend the regional competition with the Little’s grandmother. This match has become more than anyone could have anticipated. The Big has encouraged her Little in trying different things that they could work on together and it appears that this has translated beyond the match.

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