A “Muddy Match”

Nadia and Bella, who both have endless energy and are always up for a fun challenge, took on the Pelham Mudfest on Saturday May 6th sponsored by PenFinancial, and in support of our neighbouring BBBS Niagara Falls Agency.

When Nadia first told her little sister about the event, she noticed the immediate excitement, and knew it was a great fit when Bella added “I ain’t scared of mud”.

The cold and rainy weather that day was less than ideal for an outside event, and even made the match first question their decision to participate.  Nadia first ran the adult 6km course which took about an hour and five minutes to finish while her Little Sister waited with Nadia’s mom. Then it was Bella’s turn, and she completed the kid’s special 1km course.

Nadia enjoyed watching Bella navigate and run throughout the course yelling “OMG!! I didn’t think there would be this much mud!!!”. Regardless, she too completed her course – and they were both happy they chose to participate. They shared lunch with other participants, and Nadia added that knowing it was going to support Big Brothers Big Sisters made it even better.

Back to 80 in 80!

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