For almost 80 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters St. Catharines-Thorold & District has been making a meaningful difference in the lives of at-risk youth through our well known and highly respected mentoring programs.  For both Big and Little, the mentoring experience becomes a life-changing relationship built on friendship, empowerment, and trust.

A recent survey conducted for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada showed that for every dollar given to mentorship, and $18.00 return is given to the community.  Former Little Brothers and Sisters involved in the study also generally had more positive life outcomes in terms of life skills and general well being than those who did not have a mentor.



Children with mentors are more likely to graduate from high school, go to university, get full time employment and have on average higher incomes than those who do not have a mentor.  A study conducted for our agency validates the beneficial impact of our mentoring programs;

70% stated that having a mentor reduced the likelihood of the child bullying or being bullied at school

79% of children indicated that it is extremely important that they graduate from high school

92% of children surveyed indicated that they had a more positive attitude about school

89% of our volunteers feel better about themselves after volunteering

We have more than 600 volunteers delivering 125,000 hours of service every year