Answering the Tough Questions

Glen and Cody make sure that there were never any questions left unasked. As part of the Game On program at Power Glen Elementary School, Glen and Cody implement the question box activity. This allows the boys in Game On to anonymously ask the Mentors questions, that they may not be comfortable asking others.

Game On provides boys in grades 6-8 with impactful mentorship through a variety of discussions and active games over 7 weeks. Glen and Cody are hopeful that the mentorship that they are able to provide to the boys at Power Glen Elementary School will help them make positive life choices as they grow up.

Both Glen and Cody are aspiring Police Officers who are generously volunteering their time, to make a positive impact on the lives of the boys in Game On. Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Catharines-Thorold & District would like to thank both Glen and Cody for the unforgettable experience they were able to provide the boys at Power Glen Elementary School.

Glen expressed that he “feel[s] that we were able to help guide the boys in a positive direction as mentors, while having fun as friends”. Cody believes that “through the Game On program, we were able to teach the mentees many life lessons, offer them tips and advice on some very important years they have ahead of them, all while playing sports, forming friendships and having a great time”.

Some Game On! Participants have shared that they “get to learn new things about how people deal with stress” and that “because of Game On [they] get excited for Mondays now”. We’re excited for Glen and Cody to come back and help mentor another group of boys who need guidance at such a critical stage in life.

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