Beautiful Transformation- Seeing What Mentoring Can Do- A Caseworkers Perspective.

When I first met Matt and Keegan for the match introduction at Keegan’s school in January my impression of Keegan was that he was troubled boy with a defensive attitude. He seemed to snarl at authority and had some distain for me as well. He seemed a little intrigued by his mentor Matt, asking questions and finding a few things in common throughout the introduction. They both shared an interest in outdoor survival and the tools that would be handy to have in that situation. Keegan seemed to not be very confident in his responses and communication with Matt.

Fast forward three months… I completed match monitoring last week with Keegan and Matt. The match monitoring went as hoped with both big and little responding with positive feedback about the match and each other. Keegan told me about the activities that he and Matt do together and that he enjoys the time that he has. He also stated that Matt really listens to him and he knows this because of the exchange during conversations they have. However, the most notable point of the meeting was seeing Keegan’s demeanor. This young man who just a few weeks ago had seemed to lack confidence in himself and was defensive, now walked with distinct confidence and was almost buoyant. His head was up and he smiled at me as he approached me. He made eye contact with me and spoke with assurance. He was respectful and kind. It was as if it was a different boy all together. This beautiful transformation in a child, in just a few short weeks.

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