Big Bunch

In the past, Big Bunch has been poorly attended and many of the sessions had to be cancelled due to lack of attendance. Ridley College has been such a wonderful community partner for our agency, providing access to their state of the art facilities and attending our fundraisers throughout the years and we didn’t want to cancel the program as a result of lack of interest.

This year, there has been a bigger emphasis put on the value of Big Bunch in the parent orientations and the parent training. The process for getting the word out to parents has been streamlined to one person which has resulted in having 5-7 children attend each month. The Big Bunch program allows children on the wait-list to experience positive adults who provide friendship on a monthly basis. It has also allowed the Family Enrollment Coordinator to form relationships with families that we would otherwise not have monthly contact with. The consistent engagement let’s parents know we are working on the wait-list and have not forgotten about them.

Three of our consistent attendees are from a large family that live in an area that is not easily accessed through public transportation. They have one family car and the father works a lot throughout the week, leaving the mom home alone with her 4 children. They would not be able to attend events or Big Bunch if they did not have transportation given to them. Mom had reached out to us for Big Sisters and a Big Brother for the children because the youngest daughter was sexually assaulted and she wanted her to have someone to talk to and confide in. These three children have been a joy to get to know more personally and the Family Enrollment Coordinator has developed a positive relationship with the mom, who was hard for the agency to get a hold of previously. When it comes time for us to match these 3 children with a mentor, we have so much more information on them and our relationship with the family is stronger because of their attendance at Big Bunch. What a beautiful impact this program has!

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