Does your child have a flair for juggling? Play an instrument? Sing like an angel? Do a hip-hop dance that makes your jaw drop?

Pull out your camera and BIG smiles – because you could win some BIG prizes this summer just by showing off your talent!

With the cancellation of end-of-the-year talent shows just about everywhere else, we wanted to offer a unique way for youth in Niagara to buzz with excitement and not miss out on showing off their fabulous skills in a virtual talent show!

We encourage you to have fun with the whole family! One of the BEST ways to create memories and FUN is through working on collaborative projects – and getting to laugh and smile at all the bloopers when you’re done!

**Submission deadline is August 21, 2020 at 5:00p**

Participation Is Easy!

Rules to Enter

  • Open to youth ages 7-16  
  • Open to all residents of Niagara Region 
  • Videos must be no longer than 3 minutes 
  • Guardians MUST submit a completed BIG Summer Talent Show Participation Form for their child with the video attached
  • Only one video may be submitted per child
  • NO profanity or insensitive subject matter will be permitted 
  • Costumes must be appropriate for all age groups – this is a community initiative  
  • All video submissions will be screened for appropriateness and eligibility by the BIG Summer Talent Show Committee 
  • HAVE FUN!!! 


How Do I Win?

On August 24, our team will post the top 5 talent show videos on our Facebook page and share them with our community. Our Facebook audience will get to chance to vote for their favourite performance! That’s right, you will have one week to send your video to ALL your friends and family and get the most votes to win BIG!

All chosen finalists will be sent an email on August 24 with the link you can start sharing to get votes!

The final top 3 winners chosen by our community will be announced on September 1st! Be the first to know the results by subscribing to our newsletter – it will be going out hours before we post the results online!

HINT: The voting criteria will be based off creativity, talent delivery, props/costume, timeliness, overall appeal and FUN – Good Luck!


1st Place – $100 Google Play Gift Card

2nd Place – Jodie’s Sweets and Treats Custom Treat Box

3rd Place- Swag Bag of Goods

Tips & Tricks to Shine

We know you might be a little camera shy, so here are some quick pro-tips to get you started. And, don’t worry, we have a ton of ideas you can use if you’re stuck! Check out there talent show ideas:

  • Paint a Picture 
  • Perform a Magic Act 
  • Stand-up Comedy 
  • Perform a Dance 
  • Cheer-leading 
  • Fold Towel Animals 
  • Sidewalk Chalk Drawing 
  • Slam-Poetry Reading 
  • Rap Improv 
  • Beatbox 
  • Sing Acapella 
  • Fruit Carving 
  • Decorating a Cake 
  • Do a Ventriloquist Act 
  • Jump-rope tricks 
  • Gymnastics Routine 
  • Breakdance 
  • Shadow Dancing 
  • Bike Riding Routine 
  • Yoga stances 
  • Face-painting 
  • Yo-Yo Tricks 
  • Karate or Martial Arts 
  • Skateboard Tricks 
  • Ballet Dance 
  • Juggling Act 
  • Pogo Stick Tricks
  • Cake decorating



If you have any questions, please contact

We look forward to seeing all of your amazing videos and talent!