Dan and Justin

Justin first became involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters in the year of 2011, while attending Niagara College in the recreation and leisure program. Through a school placement, he was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer in multiple schools as a Game On! volunteer mentor. What an impactful and rewarding experience it was for him!

After graduating from Niagara College, he wanted to continue making a difference with the youth of the community. In order to do this, he needed to balance multiple part-time jobs, as a full-time position in his field of work was difficult to find. That all changed in 2015 when he came across a job posting with Big Brothers Big Sisters of St. Catharines – Thorold & District. Justin knew right away that this was where he wanted to work. He went through 2 intense interviews with Dale Davis and Francis Lettieri.

As good as Justin felt about the interviews, they actually decided on hiring someone else for the position. That person being none other than, Dan Nikkel, a longtime Mentoring Coordinator with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Justin was obviously very disappointed to not get the position. He now looks back to a question he thought little of when it was first asked: “Would you like to be considered in the future for any other openings we may have”. Justin put aside his disappointment and said “Yes, of course.”.

A few months later, he got a call from Fran asking if he would still be interested in joining the BBBS team, as she felt there was position that really suited his skill set. That position was for the Game On! Mentoring Coordinator. Justin was invited for an interview for the position, and shortly after walked out of the office with a brand-spankin’ new job! The best part is that Justin and Dan went on to become incredibly close friends at work, but Dan will always have “I got hired first!” to hold over Justin’s head.

Justin’s last day with us was Thursday, October 19th and we know both him and Dan will be unbelievably successful in whatever they pursue next. Thanks for the memories, you two!

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