A Familiar Face: In-School Mentoring

Rebecca and Lynn have been matched for two school years in ISM. Lynn was referred to the program as she was struggling with some challenging dynamics at home, which was causing her to be sadder and more withdrawn. We simply wanted someone that would be her friend, someone she could talk to, someone to be a positive break in the middle of her week.

That is exactly what Lynn got, and then some. Rebecca admits that as she came into the program, she was unsure of what to expect.  After only three months of being matched, Rebecca reflected on the demeanor of her Mentee and expressed that “the fact that I can see what a positive impact this program has on my student as we both look forward to the time we spend together is what makes this satisfying…and I am proud to be a part of it.”

By the end of their first year together, Rebecca found the level of trust they developed was clear in what they could talk about. The Youth Counsellor at the school even remarked to her that Lynn “is much happier since your match began.” To top off all of these positive changes, Lynn reflected on her time with Rebecca and said that she “felt like we were best friends, my best friend forever. I cried when it ended because we are like sisters.”

At the end of each school year, we ask matches if they’d like to continue the following year. In Rebecca and Lynn’s case, they immediately agreed that they would like to continue the following September. Lynn was told that if Rebecca was still available we would re-open their match in September.

There are certainly instances where schedules change or people move, which prevents matches from continuing year to year. Much to Rebecca and Lynn’s delight, they were able to continue their match for a second year.

Now, almost two years in, Lynn has found when she is with Rebecca she can get away from problems with friends and simply enjoys “having someone to talk to.” Rebecca has also found that they have grown to be similar in liking the Came things. She now knows exactly what Lynn likes and can supply those things each week. Rebecca and Lynn are now used to seeing each other each week and find it strange if a week goes by where they don’t see each other.

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