Male 4Do you know a boy who could benefit from having a Big Brother? The Big Brothers Program serves boys aged 7-16 who have limited contact with positive male role models. They are matched with adult male Volunteers who commit to spending 2-4 hours a week for a minimum of one year with their Little Brothers, providing friendship, guidance and support.

Big Brothers

Through regular outings, a relationship is developed between the mentor and mentee that is built on trust and common interests.  Matches are supported by professional Mentoring Coordinators throughout the duration of the match.  The result is a life-changing experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

After going through the application process with a Mentoring Coordinator, your child will be placed on our waiting list.  They will be matched with a volunteer according to your child’s abilities and interests to make sure the friendship is long lasting and beneficial.  Mentors teach by example the importance of giving back, of staying in school, and of having respect for family, peers and their community.


Any boy between the ages of 7 and 16 who could benefit from a positive male role model who does not display any significant physical, emotional or behavioural challenges will be considered.

To make the relationship work, your child must be interested in having a Big Brother and you must be willing to cooperate with the agency and its guidelines.

Once your child has been accepted onto our waitlist, he can be a part of our Big Bunch Program.

Enroll Your Child

If you would like to sign your son up for our Big Brothers Program or you wish to become a mentor, Contact Us.

“It has been so wonderful to see my son increase tremendously, both emotionally and in his values.  There are so many attributes that have been fostered by his big brother that would not have occurred if he had not been a part of my son’s life.”  Pam, Mother

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