Game On! uses a group mentor approach to provide boys with information and support to make informed choices about healthy lifestyle practices.  Male adolescents frequently struggle with issues of body image, low levels of physical activity, and unhealthy eating practices.

Game On!  Eat Smart, Play Smart, Live Smart

Through non-traditional physical activities, along with healthy eating information, participants are engaged in developing life skills, communication and emotional health discussions, designed to help participants in the pursuit of life-long healthy lifestyles.  Game On includes seven 1 hour core sessions.Sessions are structured around four themes:Scott and riley

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Self-esteem
  • Communication skills

Game On is designed to provide mentors with an opportunity to openly discuss current and pressing issues facing boys and young men through the lens of healthy living, build appreciation for the benefits of healthy eating habits, promote physical exercise, instill respect for socio-economic, ethno-cutural, and racial diversity, encourage leadership skills and independent thinking.  Creating opportunities for a relationship to develop based on trust, provides a key opportunity for each boy to be positively supported in challenging the pressures they face in today’s society.

Enroll Your Child

If your child attends one of the schools offering the Game On Program, please contact your school Principal, or Contact Us for enrolment.  If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor you can click here.

“I loved the games, talking about guy stuff and just having fun.  You get to chill out!”, Game On participant