Kelsey and Isabelle

So it all began a little over a year ago. Isabelle was so excited when she found out a match was found for her. And oh what a match it was! These two girls were made for each other, I swear! They both showed up wearing cute floral dresses, and the excitement of meeting each other was mutual. The first instinct Isabelle had was to hug Kelsey. This was huge as Isabelle usually  takes some time to warm up to people. I could tell right away that they were a match made in heaven.

Since these two have met, they have discovered just how much they have in common. They love to dress up, yet love adventure and action. Their favorite thing to do is go to playgrounds, whether it be a park, or indoor playground. They also both love doing crafts.

Kelsey has become a very important person in both of our lives. She has come through for Isabelle when nobody else has. Her presence has been so special to both Isabelle and I. We have had our own celebrations on holidays. She has shown up for all of Isabelle’s birthdays.

She communicates with Isabelle on Facebook. Isabelle has always felt like Kelsey was a real sister. The love these two share is so genuine and real. Kelsey has gone above and beyond in her role as Big Sister. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match. I cant wait to see what the future brings! It has been so amazing watching the bond they share grow over this past year. I know it will only continue to grow stronger. We are forever grateful to this wonderful program.

– Isabelle’s mom, Karen.

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