Little Sisters with Big Dreams

Tricia and Jennifer have had the chance to live one of life’s rarest and treasured experiences – growing up as twin sisters together. Their lives have shared many parallels, not the least of which was getting to go through the Big Sisters program together.

“There were always fun things to do.  When we were matched, we always had someone we could count on to be there for us, someone to talk to and understand us. Being twins it was difficult always being compared and doing the same things.” Said the sisters.


Tricia and Jennifer Howard with the Big Sisters.

“Our time with our big sister was special because it was our time to be apart, to have someone that was only focused on me, my special time away from my sister. When we got to go together, with my Big Sister and my twin it was like a special outing and a celebration. We absolutely loved being together, but we also loved bragging about the different things we did that were special.” Added Tricia.

Tricia and Jennifer were also both recipients of the Brock University Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara award, which had a huge impact on their lives and careers.

“It was instrumental in us achieving our goals, without it we would never have been able to achieve this goal both financially and emotionally. It gave us the ability to be able to enjoy the experience (University) without added stress of never being able to meet financial obligations. As well as the feeling of encouragement from community support. We always had someone that truly believed that we could do it which inspired us to make sure that we lived up to the vision they saw in us!”

If you grow up together, become Little Sisters together, win awards together, and go to post-secondary school together – what’s next? Working together of course!

“We are both very excited to report we both have successfully been employed with full time contract teaching jobs through the Halton Catholic School Board!”

How did their time in the Big Sisters program influence their career path?

“We love to help under privileged children and feel a special connection to those in need and feel that stems from our history, we are so thankful for the support and encouragement from Big Brothers Big Sisters through so many obstacles throughout our growing up. No matter what, we could always count on their support. They helped us to be resilient even when we faced such difficult times in our lives. They gave us a good role model; someone to look up to…someone that came from a more privileged background than we had- more money, better clothes, a strong and happy marriage. Our Big Sisters gave us hope that there were people out there that lived happy without struggle and that could be us one day. They helped give us the tools we needed to be successful, to help others, to be patient and to be kind.”


Tricia and Jennifer Howard with Big Sister, Karen.

To this day, Tricia and Jennifer are still very close with one of their Big Sisters, Karen.

“We are still very close, her kids are my nephews and we hangout all the time just like family.” Said the sisters.

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