Meaningful Mentorship

Matt, the little has been matched with Joe the Big Brother for three years, since Matt was 9 years old. At that time, Matt’s dad had moved away and made little effort to see him. He started a new family and often let Matt down by being unreliable and inconsistent. Matt struggled a lot with this and his mom knew she needed to do something for him to help him deal with it. She signed him up for Big Brothers in July 2014 and in December he was matched with Joe.

At the matches three-year annual review with Matt and his mom, she became emotional when she described the importance of the relationship her son has with his Big Brother. She shared that it is a big deal how much Matt likes Joe. He doesn’t talk much about Joe but she understands that it’s their time and she values and respects that for Matt’s sake. She knows that Matt thinks Joe is cool, and he trusts him and feels safe with him. She shared that the role Joe plays in Matt’s life is that of a mentor, role model and Big Brother.

Throughout Matt’s life, Joe has been the longest male relationship he has ever had. He is responsible, positive, consistent and reliable Joe and has made such a difference in Matt’s life. The Mom became emotional when she described how much this relationship is a making a difference in Matt’s life, beyond what she even sees or knows. They buy each other little gifts at Christmas and birthdays and Joe respects Matt for who he is. Other important men in Matt’s life have let him down over and over again, but Joe is reliable. The mom discussed how much Matt has changed. Joe came into his life at a time when he was really missing his father. Matt has gotten better, more accepting and complacent with his father’s choices. Matt has grown quite a bit over the years that he has been matched with Joe. But she stated that Matt would not be who he is today without Joe as his mentor. It is one of the most important relationships of his life, and even though it is not intense, it is so very meaningful.

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