It’s Okay to Stand Out in a Crowd

It’s Okay to Stand out in a Crowd.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out” – Dr. Seuss

Everyone is unique in their own way, but it is the individuals that are able to not only embrace every unique quality possessed by them, but also those possessed by others that truly stand out in a crowd.

Go Girl Harley is a prime example of this. A previously shy and quiet student working to figure out who she was just 3 short years ago in Go Girls has blossomed into an advocate for those around her. Harley was referred to as a ‘saint’ by her mentors in reference to natural talent to balance the personalities within their Go Girls group. Harley had a way of reigning in the more outgoing personalities, and ensuring students who may have otherwise been overshadowed in their reserved nature were heard and valued by each and every participant.

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