Sister’s Life Changed by Big Sister

Full credit for this story goes to Craig Sebert and Niagara News, circa 2006.

Aurora Anderson-Short says she loves her big sister, and they are not even related.

Since she was six, Anderson-Short, now 13, has had an adult mentor from Big Brothers Big Sisters. For the past two years, Bev Newton has been her Big Sister.

“I love having her as my Big Sister,” said Anderson-Short.

“We have so much fun together.”

Anderson-Short says she isn’t the only one in her family with a mentor from Big Brothers Big Sisters. “My two brothers have mentors of their own,” she said.

“We are a family of little brothers and sisters.”

Newton, a hotel manager in Niagara Falls says she became a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters about 10 years ago on the advice of a friend.

“It is a wonderful organization,” she said

“There is a real need for volunteers to do this sort of thing.”

The two got paired together based on their hobbies and personalities. As far as the two are concerned, it was a perfect match.

“We go great together,” said Newton.

“She is a very caring and considerate person who I am happy to be with.”

Newton says they spend about four hours together once a week.

“We do so much together,” she said.

“We love doing a variety of things.”

Anderson-Short says they paint, do crafts, go bowling, go to baseball games, sop, watch movies, eat chinese food and hang around.

“There is never a dull moment with us,” she laughed.

Her favourite part about having a mentor is being able to forget about everything and just be able to relax.

Newton says she is very proud of her little sister, and is pleased to see her mature over the two years they have been together.

“She is such a good spirited person and she likes to do things that don’t cost a lot of money,” she said.

Both agree the only bad part about their situation is when their schedules don’t work and they can’t meet.

Anderson-Short says she will definitely become a Big Sister when she gets older, and will still keep in touch with Newton.

For children and youth who haven’t gotten a mentor yet, Anderson-Short says you will have quite an experience ahead of you.

“You are going to have the best time of your life,” she said.

“Your life will change.”

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