“The Best Man”

* Some names have been re-attributed for this story *

I met a match who have been together for 7 years. Jordan, the little brother is turning 18 next month and is on the autism spectrum. His parents are wonderfully involved and supportive of him and have planned very well for his future. Next year he is going to Niagara College to become a welder. His big brother Mark came in for match monitoring at the beginning of the month and had such amazing things to say about Jordan and his family. He told me that Jordan is busier as he is getting older with involvement in school clubs and sports. He is really proud of Jordan for that. He feels Jordan is overcoming some of his challenges and becoming more involved in things even though, socially he struggles. Mark has watched Jordan grow up and become more responsible with money, look for a job, mature and learn to drive. He still finds that shocking having known him since he was 10 years old. Mark feels that they are more like friends now and less of a mentoring relationship. He feels the age gap is shrinking somewhat. Mark feels that Jordan is his best friend, almost like family. The relationship and connection that Jordan and Mark have is beautiful. Jordan recently went away with his family and during his trip Mark and him were messaging each other about the trip. Jordan sent some pictures to show Mark while they were away. Jordan looks up to Mark so much that he will sometimes disagree with his parents because it’s not what Dan would do or say. Jordan’s mom said that if Jordan did not have Mark he would have grown up very isolated. Mark gave Jordan so much that he doesn’t even know. The match will be closing next month as Jordan will be aging out of the program. Both him and Mark have expressed that they will remain friends. So much so that Mark is planning his wedding in the coming year. Jordan doesn’t (or didn’t know when I spoke with him yesterday) that Mark is going to ask him to be his best man in his wedding.

Quote: Success is measured in how you treat people.

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