The Founding of the Agency

The year is 1937. The population of Canada is 11,045,000, and the population of St. Catharines in 25,000. The cost of bread is .09 cents per loaf – the cost of gas is .10 cents per gallon! Talk about the good old days…

Our agency was officially formed on Tuesday, May 18th, 1937. A little over a week later, on Friday, May 28th, Judge George Stanbury calls a meeting that would alter the future of St. Catharines. At his Chambers in the Court House, Stanbury would welcome various appointees from Service Clubs, Fraternal Societies and all other formal organizations of men to propose the Big Brothers Movement in St. Catharines, Ontario. On that day, our agency was born.

The founding members of the organization would be Judge George Stanbury and Ellis Jones. That year, there were 24 cases and 3 were given to other institutions.

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